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Previous workshops/trainings to agencies include how to create a trauma informed system of care, vicarious trauma, and burn out.  The workshops highlight the latest research in these specific areas, but also discuss the parallel process that applies to systems and staff within agencies from a trauma-informed lens.


Workshops may provide a framework which seeks to anchor complex trauma by weaving theory, research, clinical reflections, experiential activities, and strategies to support clients within the specific setting that you work in.


Some of the topics that may be explored include:


  • The neuro-biology of early traumatic attachment

  • How trauma affects development

  • The unique life altering effects of trauma

  • Understanding attempts to cope with the overwhelming effects of trauma

  • How traumatic memory disrupts ongoing identity, brain chemistry and basic physiological functioning

  • Creating transitional/transformative space in therapy to invite the healing journey

  • Techniques and strategies for working with complex trauma (deep listening, meditation, imagery, mind-body centering, ego state interventions and tapping)

  • Self-reflection and self-care


"Relationships are the agents of change and the most powerful therapy is human love.”
Bruce D. Perry

  • Mindfulness Approaches to Parenting

  • Being attuned to your child from a neurodevelopmental perspective

  • Parenting with presence

  • Parenting after trauma

Clinical Consultations


We provide consultation services to a wide variety of professionals. Consultation is a vital component of the therapeutic process, creating and supporting professionals’ own reflective practice and self-care. Together with you, we'll engage in exploring your own clinical set of skills, increase self-awareness and insights, personal strengths as well as biases, or any other factors that will support you to provide the most effective and healing services to you and your clients.

Clinical consultations are available in-person or remotely (Skype and Zoom)

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